Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Midterm Exam

Midterm Exam
Mr. Avery

On the day of your midterm exam you will be presenting, to 4 other classmates and myself a portfolio, persuasive letter and Midterm exam for the class. The standards for each of the parts are listed below. Each part is 1/4 of your grade on the midterm.

1. A collection of all your work from this year organized into the following

a. References
b. Do Now’s / Cornel Notes
c. Returned Work
d. Quizzes
e. Essays

2. The more work you save (the more comprehensive the portfolio) the better
your grade.
3. Each section must be clearly labeled and in date order.
4. Each piece of evidence must be able to remain in the binder when picked up.
5. One piece of evidence from each section must have a 1 paragraph (5-7
sentences) description as to why you think it is the most important. This
piece, regardless of date must be first in the section.

Persuasive Letter:
1. You must write a 7 paragraph persuasive letter.
2. It must be in letter format.
3. The letter must be formatted with 12 pt Times font.
4. The letter must have 1 inch margins.
5. The letter must discuss the following:
a. Your experiences in the class this year.
b. What you think you deserve as a Midterm / final grade in the class.
c. Did you work to your highest potential.

Final Exam:
1. A 25 problem, multiple choice exam.
2. You must include questions from all text / articles / topics we have read
this year.
3. You must include questions from at least two external things we learned as

a. Constitution and All Amendments

b. Natural Rights Debate (John Locke)

c. Democracy in America

d. Machiavellian Philosophy

e. Communism and foundation of Liberty

4. The exam must be typed 12 point times font.
5. The exam must include an answer key.
6. The questions on the exam must be fashioned in the style where the answer
can not be found in the book.


1. The Biblical Noah resembles greatly which character in “Gilgamesh?”

a. Enkidu

b. Urnashabi

c. Shuruppak

d. Utnapishtim

2. Why does Odysseus weep at Alkinoos’s feast?
a. The song of the minstrel brought him back to Troy.
b. He missed his wife.
c. The story of the minstrel brought him back to his travels.
d. He was upset at his fortune.

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